As mentioned yesterday in What Else?, the Hive was buzzing yesterday just after 3pm, when we all checked our inboxes and saw that we had an invitation from Beyoncé:

Invitation from Beyoncé

And by “all”, I mean those of us who subscribe to, obvs. So our phones were blowing up, and the text chains were blowing up. What is this? Is she performing? Should I book a flight to LA and blow off work? After all, she was the one who told us to “release ya job”. She’s the one who told us she quit her job. It would have been totally on theme. But tickets sold out in minutes…

And then came the speculation.


Club Renaissance has been happening since Beyoncé dropped the album. There were events in Paris and New York, and she was there for them – which is the big draw, of course. Beyoncé lives in LA. She’s close enough to show up and that’s why we all want to show up, to be in the same room as the Queen. 

There’s also the fact that since Renaissance was released, Beyoncé has given us no visuals, the official tour announcement still hasn’t come, so she’s basically given us nothing, and now there’s a two night situation in LA…the reaction, then, was understandable. We are thirsty AF, we’ll take the smallest of sips at this point. 


As to the speculation that she might actually do more than show up and sit on the throne, though, doesn’t sound like it, not when her publicist is clarifying on Twitter. 

This is pretty clear. And Yvette’s word is always the law. No concert. A listening party. With the possibility of Beyoncé’s presence. That’s more than enough – and yet it’s never enough. Especially since we already know from the Wearable Art Gala that there WILL be a tour in 2023. I appreciate that she’s giving people enough time to save their money but there’s also a mess going on with concert tickets and I already have so much anxiety about how I’m going to get mine. So maybe it’s better that she’s waiting until after the holiday season to unveil her plans. And the Beyoncé suspense continues.