Well here’s a heartwarming story just in time for Thanksgiving! Bill Cosby isn’t sorry. I don’t know that anyone was sitting around thinking he would be but he wants it to be known, publicly, that it’s bullsh-t that he’s in prison, a giant conspiracy. Even though over 50 women came forward to share their stories of how he drugged and raped them. How do you think this will play during his parole hearing? (Dlisted)

Sometimes we get lucky and find our purpose. Some people are unlucky and think they have a purpose but it is, in fact, a curse. This man does not make me want to eat pizza. If I were a pizza place owner, I would have serious concerns about this man as the ambassador. (Cele|bitchy) 

Bianca Lawson’s topknot here is PERFECT. And topknots aren’t easy. One inch too forward or not forward enough changes the whole look. And if it’s too fat and flat it looks like a sock bun. I hate the look of a sock bun. A topknot has a different structure. It’s …like… geometric. Whoever did Bianca’s here nails it. You know what sucks about topknots though? They’re like snowflakes – never exactly the same. You could have one topknot one day and try to do it again the next day and inevitably there will be a slight variation. (Go Fug Yourself) 

This deep-fake sh-t is f-cking me up. I didn’t read this article before looking at the photos. And the one of Ariana Grande with Pete Davidson’s face just threw my whole life off axis. And then it kept getting worse. (Pajiba) 

Hollywood makes a lot of movies about journalists. So, naturally, The Ringer is ranking movie journalists. I agree with the top two. But I object to one of my favourite movies of all time, His Girl Friday, ranking in the 9th position. It should be at least top 5! I know that mayyyyybe they weren’t as ethical as you need a journalist to be but this was a hijinks movie! If you haven’t seen this classic, it’s the holiday season – this is the right time. Rosalind Russell is magnificent. (The Ringer)