July 1 is a federal observance in Canada and it’s the same in the US for July 4 (and July 5) so we are dark tomorrow and Friday as our team is taking a break. We will be posting again on the regular schedule on Monday, July 5.  

Well here’s the breaking news of the day – and it’s not exactly good news. Bill Cosby is on his way out of prison…and is this what you would call a “technicality”? He was convicted and his release has nothing to do with the evidence presented in court, and now imagine how all those women feel, SO MANY OF THEM they covered a magazine cover, especially Andrea Constand. (Dlisted) 


Jodie Turner-Smith looked glorious at the Zola premiere last night. This yellow is amazing on her and while I’m not a fan of those criss-cross strings on a dress, the fit is perfect and I quite like that she went with a black shoe instead of trying to match it to the outfit. Also, the hair is SO good, like a medieval halo. And maybe evocative of Anne Boleyn times? (Go Fug Yourself)  

Interesting debate here about Howard Stern taking the whole summer off and Sirius XM subscribers being mad about it. On the one hand, if they’re signing up for him, they don’t feel like they’re getting value. On the other hand, is it any different from subscribing to a streaming service and having to wait a while before another season of your favourite show? He makes a lot of money, and that is dependent on listeners and loyalty, for sure. At the same time, creatives and performers need rest – otherwise, the quality of the work suffers. Where do you stand on this? (Cele|bitchy)  

The NFL claims to stand by the 2SLGBTQ+ community but the league putting out a statement doesn’t guarantee how the culture has changed, or whether or not it will truly be an inclusive and embracing space. (OMG Blog)  

A quiz about what you’re doing right now and what you’re eating promises to tell you your age. I am working, I’m drinking water, I’m not snacking on anything, I wish I was on holiday, and I’m not talking to anyone…and apparently I’m 26? (Buzzfeed)