TMZ has the exclusive photo of Bill Hader and Rachel Bilson in Tulsa, OK this weekend. His family is there so, presumably, he’s in town for the holidays – and if she’s with him for the holidays… it must be serious? 

Bill and Rachel have known each other a while. They were in a movie called The To Do List that came out back in 2013 with a really impressive cast. The To Do List was written and directed by Maggie Carey, Bill’s wife at the time. She and Bill have three daughters and separated in 2017. Their divorce was finalised in 2018. Rachel and Hayden Christensen were together for ten years and broke up in 2017. They co-parent their daughter. 

Rumours about Bill and Rachel have been happening for at least a couple of months. This came up in my inbox in early November: 

So the fact that they’re dating has been out there for at least a few weeks, and entertainment outlets have been asking around. Obviously they haven’t been able to nail anything down until now – and now we have a photo. 

Into it? 

I’m into it. I’m into him. Yes, for sure, because of Barry. But also because I interviewed him back in June at Banff World Media Festival and in person, he’s really cute and sexy and easy to talk to and not up his own ass and is it too soon to ask if they’ll be at the Golden Globes together in a couple of weeks? I mean, if she’s already hanging out with his family, it’s obviously not that soon?