The Golden Globes are supposed to be about offbeat, surprise choices, and while there were a couple, I felt like we lacked the usual amount of utter absurdity, with the exception of how much attention was paid to 1917

So it’s maybe fitting that the night’s biggest surprise came via Bill Hader, representing one of last year’s biggest onscreen surprises, Barry, and then showed up on the carpet with Rachel Bilson, in a way that makes it pretty positive they’re dating.  

You shouldn’t feel out of the loop if you didn’t know – I know we (i.e. me) all like to be up to date on this stuff, but they were only really spotted before this in his hometown, Tulsa, OK, on December 23, so if you were doing something productive with your holiday break instead of haunting Twitter, it was easy to miss. 

24 hours ago I would have said I felt neutral-to-fine about this, but when I saw them tonight I changed my mind. I passed them when we were both pushing through crowds in the middle of the lobby of the Beverly Hilton. He was holding her hand, but not in a ‘what a lovely moment’ way – it was 10 minutes before show time and that lobby is a zone, your mission is to get from one end of the room to the other without losing the person you’re with and/or trying to meet up with. 

But even though it wasn’t a romantic situation, he was sort of… cradling her hand and arm as he escorted her? I kind of melted. It was partly for efficiency when winding through the monster crowds, but also that thing where when you’re with someone new, you have a compulsion to constantly be touching as much of them as is physically possible. Like teenagers in their first relationship, or JLo and ARod always and forever. Also, even though everyone in the place was gawking at them (because no matter how much of a big deal producer/ director/ exec you are, you know and I know you still love to look at the pretty people), they both seemed kind of delighted to be in it together.

…And apparently that’s all it takes. I’m in. I love these two. They don’t need me to love their love, obviously, but since their coming out party is one of the biggest nights in Hollywood, I’m gonna guess their love is so big they don’t mind my sharing a little piece of it.