Bill Skarsgard, aka Hot Pennywise, brought his particular brand of creepy-hot to Comic-Con yesterday to promote Assassination Nation. Here he is, tall and handsome, not dressed like a murdering demon clown, with those ludicrous cheekbones everywhere. Are you into Bill Skarsgard? I am 100% on board. He’s my favorite Skarsgard brother. Have we ranked them? We’ve sorted the Hemsworths (Greater, Lesser, the other one), but have we sorted the Skarsgards? I would put Bill #1 but I know a lot of you go for Alexander. We need to take a vote.

BSkars is currently shooting It: Chapter 2, which only just started filming so there wasn’t much to show off at a pre-con event called ScareDiego. They ran a behind-the-scenes teaser and gave a peek at Pennywise’s gross semi-makeover—they have more money to spend this time, it’s clear—and little flashes of the adult cast looking like scared adults. Director Andy Muschietti advises we should “bring our adult diapers” this time, because Chapter 2 is a lot scarier. Is that because they can get even more graphic since they don’t have to worry about parents potentially objecting to scenes? Because the adult half of the TV miniseries was NOT scarier than the kid half. If Pennywise turns into a giant spider again, I think we’ll all be disappointed. The hurdle Chapter 2 has to clear is that dumb spider. There’s no sense of what they’re doing to make Chapter 2 scarier, but at least we have Bill Skarsgard and his unsettling Pennywise smile to screw up our libidos for a while.