Well I guess we’re doing this again. I see pink and white. Jacek just told me he sees pink and white. Billie does not see pink and white. And science has an explanation but it’s more fun to pretend that we’re all either pink and white people or mint and white people and do a quiz about how pink and white people are better. (Cele|bitchy) 


So ….how’s 2020 going for you? Probably 10/10 people will answer that it’s been non-stop f-cked up sh-t, right? Guess what? Now we’re about to become a Michael Bay/Roland Emmerich movie! Don’t worry, we probably don’t need Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis to become astronauts in two weeks and drill-save the earth. But still. How fitting. And what timing. (Dlisted) 

Sarah posted earlier today about the rumours that Dominic West might be playing Prince Charles and now the Fug Girls are asking the question: has Dominic West ever looked like Prince Charles? There’s a gallery attached and it’s worth browsing, not that you don’t already know the answer – which is that no, Dominic West has never looked like Prince Charles although I feel like he looks a little bit like John Cena? Do you see this too? (Go Fug Yourself) 

When I saw “Zoom Dick” trending on Twitter yesterday, I did what any self-respecting smut loving piece of sh-t would do and I went looking. And I did not expect that the dick belonged to Jeffrey Toobin but that’s also why the story is BONKERS. If “Zoom Dick” was about, say, Diplo, we would have all moved on in six seconds. It’s the owner of the dick on Zoom that’s critical to the story. And we all have so many questions. But what I want to know is… who’s the person who pulled out their phone and snapped the photo? Because don’t we all on Zoom?! (Pajiba) 

Have you watched Alex Gibney’s Totally Under Control yet? We watched it last night. And if there was any doubt – there shouldn’t be – THEY KNEW. And they didn’t give a f-ck. That’s who the current leader of America is. (The Atlantic)