Dear Gossips,

The Academy announced yesterday that Billie Eilish, fresh off her Grammys sweep, will be performing at the Oscars:


Obviously they’re not going to tell us what the “special performance” is but most people are predicting it’s the new theme song from Bond: No Time To Die which makes the most sense. The movie comes out in April and as Sarah wrote recently, they need to start building anticipation for it. And getting the younger generation to care about it. Because, well, I’m not sure that Bond is that big of a draw for that many people under, say, 35? 

The Oscars too are aiming to stay relevant – so having Billie on their stage is definitely part of that plan. You know what would help with that? And this is totally self-serving…

But if they’re looking to generate the most social media activity, it seems obvious: invite BTS to present Parasite. After all, Bong Joon-ho keeps namechecking them in his interviews and Choi Woo-shik and Taehyung are good friends. I’m sure you’ve seen this but just in case not, this went super viral a couple of weeks ago after Parasite’s win at the SAGs:

Was this a shameless attempt at getting some BTS content onto the site today? YES. And I’m not sorry. 

Yours in gossip,