Apple TV+ launches on Friday and the big push the last few weeks has been behind The Morning Show produced by and starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon who should get most of the attention and they have. There are, however, other actors on the series like Steve Carrell (Steve’s done a couple of interviews here and there for The Morning Show but his profile has been lower than Jen and Reese on the press circuit) and Billy Crudup and Mark Duplass who, at least in the first three episodes, get almost as much screen time as Steve – and they’re both great, Mark especially. Before you misunderstand, let me be clear that I’m not saying that they should all be getting the same amount of coverage as the women; they shouldn’t and haven’t, I’m just saying we haven’t talked about them yet and well, they do have an essential supporting part of the story. 

Mark plays the executive producer of The Morning Show, the person who’s been working with Jen and Steve’s characters for 16 years, the one who makes the day-to-day decisions on the show. His chemistry with Jen is terrific. Billy is Mark’s boss, the head of network news, who makes the bigger decisions about the show. He’s only been in the position for a short time though – and his motivations aren’t as clear. I’ve always enjoyed Mark Duplass but I haven’t always enjoyed Billy Crudup. This is the most I’ve enjoyed him… maybe ever. 

And the most I’ve ever been attracted to him. Like really, really attracted. Which is why I texted Duana that I felt guilty about that because of my loyalty to my beloved Mary Louise Parker even though it’s not like I know her or anything, I just worship her. It was 16 years ago that Billy left MLP, pregnant at the time, for Claire Danes. Are we mad at him forever? He’s so hot, can I think he’s hot but still be mad? 

Attached - Billy Crudup and Mark Duplass at The Morning Show premiere in New York, and Billy at AOL Build yesterday to promote the show.