We are dark on Monday as it’s Canada Day, a national holiday. We will be back to regular gossip schedule on Tuesday, July 2. 

Well I’m glad someone else said it first so I don’t have to eat sh-t for the comparison: Nicki Minaj going to Red Lobster is from the same segment playbook as Day Drinking with Rihanna and Seth Meyers... only not as entertaining. Red Lobster should be happy though because they came out on top here. I’ve been thinking about Red Lobster all day and annoyed that there isn’t one close to where I live. Anyway, as Melayna wrote the other day, no one is better than Nicki at generating gossip about Nicki. Right now she’s trying to generate gossip about being pregnant and getting married soon. I LOVE “Megatron”, her new song. But I don’t think this is working the way she hoped it would.  (Dlisted) 
To me what’s most noteworthy about Kate McKinnon’s appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night after the Democratic Debate isn’t her impression of the, um, eccentric Marianne Williamson, it’s that she showed up early to watch the debate with Seth and his writers. Given the SNL connection, she probably knows a few of them and wanted to hang out but still, it speaks to her professionalism, knowing that that was what she was following, and she wanted to be prepared so that she could fit her interview content into what the political tone of the show would be after the debate aired. This, you can imagine, is not the usual celebrity talk show behaviour. But the best talk show guests are always the ones who put the most work into it. See also Martin Short. (Pajiba)

At first, when I saw this headline about Kylie Jenner, I thought she was trying to trademark the word “booze” - and I was all like, f-ck, her too?! Kim Kardashian’s making claims on “kimono” (which for suuuuuure is going to make it into their show, so one way or another she’s going to profit from the cultural appropriation) and Kylie’s coming for “booze”? Not the word, but she is setting it up so that she can put her name on booze and clubs and restaurants where booze is sold. Kylie is the youngest and the highest valued of all of them per net worth. Nearly a billionaire already and she’s only 21 years old. Is she going to own everything by 2030? (TMZ) 
I love this outfit on Billy Porter, especially this long jacket. I want a silver long floor length jacket with a hood that looks lightweight but also dramatic. And Ciara’s yellow animal print dress - SO good. It was going to be the Outfit of the Week until Celine Dion showed up in fraternal leg twin jeans. The fit here on Ciara is perfect. And it’s so luxe, which can be hard to pull off in that colour and print. But all of it is working, she’s wearing the sh-t out of it. And the leather cap is a nice touch too. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Tom Hiddleston is heading to Broadway in Betrayal which he’s been working on in London for the last several months. You know what next week is? The third anniversary of the last #Taymerica. Taylor Swift hasn’t done #Taymerica since 2016, the Summer of Swoki. Apparently Kanye, Kim, and the internet ruined it for everyone. Now that the snake has become the butterfly again though...will she resurrect #Taymerica? I mean, she is promoting new music right now... (Cele|bitchy) 

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again because it’s an argument that will never die: I am Beatles > Stones, no apologies. So....what’s your favourite Beatles song? Why’s MY favourite Beatles song? The answer always changes, doesn’t it? Depending on what’s going on in your life? And your mood? Sometimes it’s “Eleanor Rigby”. Sometimes it’s “The Long and Winding Road”. Sometimes it’s “While My Guitar....” and “Come Together”. There are SO many. For a couple of years I was really into “Here, There, and Everywhere”. Then I read somewhere that it was Steve Jobs’s favourite and I got paranoid that Apple was trying to infiltrate my brain every time I played it. What’s yours? (The Ringer)