To those of you who’ve emailed all “WHAT ABOUT THE TIGER?”, you’re right. It’s actually the Tiger’s turn on Monday to be profiled and not the Ox. I’m an Ox. So, narcissistically, I was trigger-happy. Monday is the Tiger, Tuesday is the Ox. Wednesday will be the Rat, Thursday the Pig, and Friday… on Lunar New Year, it’s the Dog’s turn. This is the order. Now go clean this weekend. And if you can, fit in a haircut. 

Remember Pita Taufatofua? Wait. Maybe you don’t know him by that name. Let’s try this one: the oiled-up flagbearer from Tonga who made your life at the Rio Summer Olympics. Now you know who I’m talking about, right? He’s not the first athlete who has competed at both the summer and winter games. Here in Canada, we have Clara Hughes, who is the only athlete in history to win multiple medals at both the summer and the winter games. She’s the best. And she was the first national spokesperson for Bell Let’s Talk, promoting mental health awareness across the country. Clara has participated in several opening ceremonies at the Olympics. She has always worn different outfits for each event. Pita, on the other hand, has one outfit for the opening ceremony, summer or winter, doesn’t matter. What’s the problem? (Dlisted) 

As well documented on this blog, I love gross sh-t. Like bodily sh-t. Sh-t that oozes from holes and openings in our body. Ooze that’s lumpy or smooth. Ooze that comes out like chrysanthemum leaves. I can look at gross sh-t all day. It makes me feel alive. That said, I don’t think I have the same relationship with bugs. A scorpion isn’t officially classified as a bug. But it’s related to bugs. Last week there was a lady bug in my bathroom. It would show up in different corners every time I went in there. A couple of days later, a giant fly ended up in my bathroom. Why are there are so many bugs in the winter? The ladybug and the fly appeared to be courting each other. This is the storyline I gave them. Five days later the fly disappeared and the lady bug is still around but it’s getting smaller. I feel like its heart might be broken. Maybe I do like bugs. (Pajiba)  
I mentioned earlier that I’ve been saving all kinds of Black Panther articles to read for after I see the movie. Here’s one of them: Black Panther on the cover of TIME. TIME Inc, you’ll recall, was acquired by Meredith Corporation last year after a major cash assist from the Koch Brothers. How much longer will TIME be able to do a feature like this? Will it be able to keep doing features like this? (Mashable)  
Solange! Is platinum now! And it looks amazing on her. As does this outfit. Which is an outfit that is not for everyone and totally for Solange. I love it so much. I love that she is determined NOT to go with a basic shape. Solange would never wear a daytime talk show dress. (Go Fug Yourself)  

Sam Rockwell is the presumed favourite to win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his performance in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Woody Harrelson, Richard Jenkins, and Christopher Plummer seem to be OK with that. Willem Dafoe, however, is making a push. Willem Dafoe isn’t going to just let Sam take it. I like this. So far there is not a single race in the acting categories. Give us a little suspense. (Cele|bitchy)  

Let’s go out on a quiz for the weekend. An Olympic quiz! Answer 8 questions and then find out your Olympic sport. There’s one question here I could have gone either way on. It’s the question about your favourite workout. I picked Snoopy sleeping. Because I will always and forever enjoy sleeping more than working out, although I do work out, because, ugh, it’s a HAVE to, not a WANT to. Anyway, I ended up doing it twice, the first time with sleeping and the second time with running, because when I do work out, I run. And I still ended up with the same sport: Snowboarding. You? (FiveThirtyEight)