Just three more sleeps – two, really – until the release of THE ALBUM, BLACKPINK’s first full-length album. And the group has been counting down to Friday at 1pm KST/midnight ET with teasers and posters. Two days ago they started posting teaser videos for each individual member to get us hyped up about the looks and the title track, “Lovesick Girls”. 


So far, to me, the style vibe of “Lovesick Girls” seems to be… grunge meets Clueless. Right? There’s plaid on both Lisa and Rosé: 

Jisoo’s morning after walk of shame eye makeup is definitely giving me a 90s groove and she’s wearing a skirt with a check print: 


And Jennie’s doing a hybrid of Cher Horowitz and 90s Jennifer Lopez: 

Here’s the concept teaser of the four of them all together and when they’re side by side like this, the aesthetic comes at you even harder: Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé at night, after hours, taking in the soul of the city and giving the city the beat. 

From the short sample we’re getting of the song, this sounds like a track you play when it’s dark, in the car, restless and not yet ready to go home. 

But also…home is where your girls are: 


Now I’m thinking about my girls, hanging out as we’ve been the last few months socially distanced in the backyard. Will we be doing that this fall, wrapped up in plaid jackets and blankets, by the fire, wondering when we’ll ever be inside all together again? 

“Lovesick Girls” is already a mood. I can’t wait to hear it. Especially since Jennie and Jisoo are credited as songwriters. The tracklist was revealed last night:


Take note of Track 4, “Bet You Wanna” featuring … Cardi B. Well there’s a surprise. Until we hear it though, can I just appreciate them for keeping this album tight? 

Albums these days, to me, feel too long. There are too many songs! And it would be one thing if all the songs were good but, you know, most of the time they just end up being filler. Eight songs for sure is on the short side. But I’d rather eight solid tracks than 18 with seven or eight that are total skips. 

BLACKPINK. Friday. Ready.