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In Light Up the Sky, Netflix’s 2020 documentary about BLACKPINK directed by Caroline Suh, we see footage of Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé ahead of their 2019 Coachella performance wondering whether or not anyone will show up and/or if people at the festival will care to hear their music.



That question gets answered pretty quickly, and just before they start their set, the four of them seem almost in disbelief at the size of the crowd. Jennie and Rosé kept asking each other, “Why are there so many people?” 

I get why some might think this is false modesty. But if you watched Light Up the Sky or if you’ve been following their careers, from their time as trainees spending from four to six years in the K-pop system, you’d understand that no one could have possibly predicted that they’d be the first female K-pop group to perform at Coachella. Of course they were stunned. They were making history. 

And they’ll be doing it again this coming weekend when they return to Coachella… as HEADLINERS. During the group’s interview with Billboard ahead of their performance on Saturday, Rosé said that:

“It feels absolutely unreal. I think performing for Coachella in 2019 was a moment that really woke us up as BLACKPINK—to be motivated, to dream on and dream big. But we never expected anything as big as being the headliner of a festival we’ve all grown up admiring and hoping someday we could find ourselves in the crowd of.”


Pretty sure this time there won’t be any questions over the crowd size. The biggest question is whether or not Coachella’s YouTube livestream can handle the traffic. Because just this week, BLACKPINK surpassed Justin Bieber as the most viewed artists on YouTube. 

Their set on Saturday is going to draw HUGE numbers so I really hope they have the bandwidth, because  I’m planning to be up at 1 or 2am on Saturday night/Sunday morning to watch. 


Speaking of YouTube, Jisoo’s “Flower”, which dropped less than two weeks ago, is already well over 110 million views and counting. Much of those are coming from me because I have been hitting repeat on it for all the hair, makeup, and styling inspo. These green boots with the blue dress and the hair texture here, like a soft brushed-out crimp? It’s SO GOOD. 

In other BLACKPINK news, it’s confirmed that they will be one of the three final acts to appear on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden as he concludes his tenure at The Late Late Show.

BLACKPINK in your area!

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