It wasn’t just Leonardo DiCaprio’s model ex-girlfriends and girlfriends at Chanel today, although that may be a matter of time. Chanel is always one of the highlights of Paris Fashion Week which means the stars show up. 


And the biggest star, if you’re taking fan reaction into consideration, was Jennie from BLACKPINK. Her nickname is “Human Chanel” and, indeed, it’s one of the best brand to celebrity partnerships. Jennie x Chanel always hits, the looks are always bomb.


Today was no exception – in a camel colour furry short set with sheer pattern tights and black boots with fur trim, she was, for sure, the Chanel standout. 


Jennie was seated between Hari Nef and Usher, who seemed quite taken with her. Chanel doesn’t make menswear so Usher is wearing a jacket from their general collection and it looks GORGEOUS on him. 

As we have seen, over the last couple of years, Jennie has emerged as one of Chanel’s most high-profile ambassadors. It’s Jennie and Kristen Stewart who was surprisingly absent from the show today. KStew was seen just yesterday in LA with fiancée Dylan Meyer but she was at a Chanel dinner celebrating Sofia Coppola two weeks ago at Chateau Marmont so, clearly, her relationship with the house remains strong. 


Riley Keough has also had a long association with Chanel and she was there today in a gorgeous cream coat dress over a pair of classic Chanel boots. 

Riley Keough at the Chanel show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2024 at the Grand Palais Ephemere in Paris on October 3, 2023

Amandla Stenberg, another Chanel ambassador, killed it today in what looks like Chanel’s version of a puffer blazer with a matching skirt? This jacket, seriously, it’s so good.

And finally…

Remember Brie Larson in Cannes? Remember Brie Larson in ALL THE CHANEL in Cannes? It was a new thing and as I said at the time, Brie and Chanel were a much stronger brand-to-star fit than Margot Robbie which… 

Margot also wasn’t there today and that doesn’t necessarily mean anything, although given how unpopular Margot x Chanel are with the online fashion critics I wonder if they’ll take that as a sign of hope.