Dear Gossips,   

BLACKPINK in your area…

Not too long now. Tonight at midnight, the new single “Pink Venom” will be released along with the music video and the “Light Up The Pink” campaign has been announced in multiple cities around the world: 


In New York City the Brooklyn Bridge will be lit up at 8pm – pink, obviously. Frankly I’m surprised Toronto isn't on this list since we have a major landmark right in the heart of downtown that is routinely lit up. Here’s what Seoul Tower looks like right now:


Earlier this week BLACKPINK dropped a teaser for “Pink Venom” and… I mean… I know I’m predisposed but I’m already obsessed. And I haven’t even seen all the looks. As soon as I see them it’s over for me. It’ll be a full BLACKPINK takeover. 


And, as expected, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé will perform at the MTV VMAs at the end of the month. 

This is the biggest girl group on the planet coming out with new music and they’ll be making their US award show debut – and why doesn’t it feel like it’s being treated like the major deal that it is in western media? 

More on BLACKPINK tomorrow when the song comes out.

Yours in gossip,