Yesterday when I posted about Blake Lively, wearing two yellow-themed outfits while promoting All I See Is You, I mentioned that she’s known for multiple outfit changes on press days. That it wasn’t likely that those would be the only outfits we’d see. And, indeed, there were four more. Or five? Whatever. You do the counting, the pictures are below. The point is it was a showcase of Blake fashion – shoes, coats, belts, bags, colours, fringe, all of it jammed into 18 hours.

My favourite is the tweed suit with the matching jacket. This whole look is unreal. And it might be my favourite Blake Lively style moment of all time. Because it’s just so UN-Blake Lively, isn’t it? What I appreciate most about this look is how she’s wearing the pants – rolled up, so show off the boots. This is an excellent style decision. And I don’t often agree with Blake Lively’s style decisions. I actually rarely agree with her style decisions.

Blake, as is well known, styles herself – there’s no “power stylist” who is associated with her clothes. She says she enjoys the process, that she’s into all the research that’s involved, and putting it all together. For a day like yesterday then, when she would have arranged for the pulls from all the designers etc, it’s part of her job. That’s how she works. But that’s interesting, isn’t it? I find it interesting.

I wish she could tell me how interesting it is. I wish she was the communicating that message. Instead of “popping off” at a reporter at an event for asking what she’s wearing because it wasn’t empowering. I wonder if Blake would go for a redo if she could revisit that situation. I wonder if she would have answered in a way that was much more nuanced. There is expression in clothing. There is art in the pieces. She undoubtedly appreciates the art in those pieces given that she spends so much time curating them for herself. And this is an artistic community. It’s much more insightful to draw a connection between the forms than to arbitrarily categorise them according to a hashtag.