Thanks for all the emails about Anderson.Paak today! And for the correction! His mother is Korean American so he’s not an honorary Korean, he IS Korean!


Like the Fug Girls I don’t think I’ve ever covered the GEM Awards so now we know why they wanted to get Blake Lively there because she’s definitely the most high-profile name at the event and she chose an outfit that generated the attention. So if they paid her, and we don’t have confirmation on this, they got their value. (Go Fug Yourself) 

No new photos this weekend of Bennifer but we do have an update and a serious one. As we’ve seen, they’ve been looking for property together for months and apparently they’ve found it. Instagram Official is one thing. But real estate official? That’s definitely a new level of permanence. Which, I know, in Hollywood permanent can quickly become un-permanent but I want to believe in Bennifer, I do!  (Dlisted) 

I appreciate this kind of content on a Monday, especially since today was especially hectic for me personally – I went back into studio for the first time this year and it’s been a f-cking scramble and I’m writing this from the waiting room of a junket so the day isn’t over. Which means that dogs interrupting football matches is quite welcome. (Pajiba) 


Rihanna was seen at Target shopping for baby clothes. Beyoncé has also been known to hit up a Target from time to time. Even queens love a deal. And besides, with baby clothes, especially when they’re so little, they wear them for like five minutes. Like, of course, for Rihanna and Rocky’s kid, there are going to be designer outfits for the gram, but for all the other puking and pooing moments, don’t you go with the Target gear? (Cele|bitchy) 

The Oscars just announced more presenters – H.E.R. who is an Oscar winner will be back this year but also…Shaun White and Kelly Slater because I guess they’re hoping to attract the X-Games audience? Is this supposed to increase ratings? And PS Rachel Zegler still doesn’t have a ticket. (Vulture)