Now that New York is opening up, there have been more and more celebrity sightings. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were seen a couple of times last week out with their kids and the dog and here they are, on their own, out for a coffee run this weekend. I LOVE her boots. It’s the colour. I probably have too many combats and hikers as it is… but I don’t have a pair in this colour and they go with everything, a great neutral. 


As you can see, Blake is wearing a ballcap – but it’s not a Yankees ballcap which I’m only mentioning because she mentioned ballcaps on Instagram: 

Blake and Ryan have three small children. Looks like they took some time out for themselves – understandable as it’s been a long f-cking year for people with no kids, can’t imagine what it’s been like for the parents out there, although I hear about it, I hear from my friends trying to teach math and English and French and all kinds of subjects, and it’s only sympathy coming from my direction because, OMG, it’s a SO MUCH. 


Ryan in person at a baseball game though makes me laugh because do you know what the Blue Jays have been doing with their fan backgrounds? They’ve been putting up Canadian celebrity cardboard cutouts behind home plate – Sandra Oh and Schitt’s Creek have been “seen” in the stands and, yes, Ryan Reynolds too: 

This is still cracking me up, and they’ve been doing it for days.