Well, there’s a reason I keep mentioning the MiniVan Majority and its influence on PEOPLE Magazine when I handicap the Sexiest Man Alive every year. The MiniVan Majority comes up a lot. Because the SMA is for them. Blake Shelton is the Sexiest Man Alive 2017 – for them. 

To be fair, it would be hard for anyone to follow up last year’s SMA, Dwayne The Rock Johnson. It’s almost like going on stage after Beyoncé. The best part of Blake Shelton being named SMA is … Gavin Rossdale. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAH. I mean, you take your petty where you can get it. 

As you know, Adam Levine was the SMA a few years ago. Adam and Blake are the regulars on The Voice. It’s an even-up, I guess? Blake is the second musician, after Adam, to hold the SMA title. Now there are as many musicians on the Sexiest Man Alive list as there are men of colour! What a great moment for musicians. Especially white male musicians. Nobody ever thinks they’re sexy. 

As IF the MiniVan Majority would have accepted two back to back Sexiest Men Alive of colour though. Denzel Washington was the first man of colour to be crowned Sexiest Man Alive, in 1996. It was another 20 years before PEOPLE named Dwayne The Rock Johnson SMA. And, as you know, as I wrote last year, Dwayne Johnson is very much Minivan-approved. How long before another man of colour is the SMA? Will we have to wait until 2036? 

Finally, I just want to show you something. Every day I have a very low tech method of deciding what to write about on the blog. Here’s my list for November 8, 2017, which was last Wednesday, a week ago, when the Sexiest Man Alive odds posts went up.

As you can see, Blake was on there. With a question mark. Why did I question mark this? Why did I second-guess the MiniVan Majority!? They always come through!