My favourite off-book celebrity conversation these days is ‘who do you think is for real?’ Whose tweets, whose self-deprecating Instagram captions, whose appealingly honest posts are real reflections of who they might be? Until yesterday, it would never have occurred to me to include Blake Shelton in the analysis one way or another…but here we are.

Blake Shelton has a new song. It’s about settling down into domestic life. Title? “I’ll Name The Dogs”, from the line “You name the babies/I’ll name the dogs”.

Fair enough. Sure. Name yourself some dogs, sir.

Then it becomes fighting words. Because nobody messes with one of my favourite Twitter feeds, WeRateDogs. That’s because it is a joy. A balm in these troubled times. Getting our dog Libby featured on that page is my husband’s white whale.

So there was this:

Followed by this (possibly one of the greatest deployments of an inside joke ever – if you know, you know):

And then, the crux of the matter, this:

(If you haven’t already begun trying to incorporate H*ckin into your vocabulary as the profanity it is, what are you waiting for?)

Then, of course, he did. Merle Waggard. Waglon Jennings.

…Adam Levine. 

You guys, I’m not naïve enough to think this was spontaneous, or that it wasn’t the work of a skilled social media manager who’s actually earning their keep. My question is whether it’s also a marker of Blake Shelton being cool enough to go with it. Not only does it have to be a ‘natural brand fit’, but it also has to be believable – this one was a win, and I am now aware of a new Blake Shelton song, so it’s done its job on many levels.

If the ‘you name the babies’ part of the equation wants to take over my Twitter feed though, we’ll have to talk.

Attached - Blake performing with Usher at the Hand In Hand Benefit in Nashville.