I was hoping that we’d get the Prince Harry-Meghan Markle official engagement portraits today. Looks like we’ll have to wait a while longer for it. What we did get today was the Cambridge Christmas card. Here they are, Prince William, Catherine, Big G, and Charlotte wishing you a Happy Christmas and the best for 2018. 

It’s rather… spare, non? 

Perhaps there’s some rationale for this. For many, 2017 has not been a great year. “Garbage fire” might be the way to describe it. Maybe they thought it would seem distasteful to come out all stars and rainbows at the holidays when others are doing poorly. It’s also very on brand. After all, the Cambridge style, aka the Middleton style, is exactly this: boring, staid, consistent. Which is what they have to be in their position as the future “nexts”. Trends will come and go. The Cambridges are, ostensibly, the “classics”. It’s really too bad, though, that Kate went with this colour. That baby blue. I can only associate it now with Melania Trump. 

As for the kids, they’re the ones bringing the action. I appreciate that little Charlotte, leaning slightly forward, looks like she’s ready for the gun to go off and, two seconds after this photo was taken, took off down the hall, looking for adventure and mischief. 

Big G? Well, Big G is in his favourite position. 

Big G is about to KICK SOMEONE. 

Like, that’s what he wants you to take away from his Christmas card pose: I will be the King. And I WILL KICK YOU. With a smile on my face. 

PS. Where’s Lupo???????????????