Marion Cotillard showed up at Paris Fashion Week as a blonde. I love this faux pompadour thing she’s doing. Which Miley Cyrus has been doing lately as well. How many more before it becomes a headline? “The hairstyle you all have to try right now!” Does it look as good is your hair is all one colour though? And really, really dark? Without highlights? I say this because there are always styles I try after seeing them on celebrities. And inevitably it doesn’t have the same effect because my hair is very dark, with no variations, so that you often can’t see texture. And with a style like this one, texture is half of it.

Anyway, Marion was at Valentino. In previous years, of course, she was a regular at Dior. She started repping Dior in 2008 but, suddenly, just before Cannes, it was rumoured that they broke up with her after Maria Grazia Chiuri took over. Word is Marion was pissed – I mean it always sucks to lose a paycheque – but if you’re into fashion porn, I don’t know that it’s bad thing. Because the downside to these deals is how limiting they can be when it comes to choice. Look at Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron, contractually obligated to wear Dior, and how boring Dior has been for them at some of the biggest events. Somehow only Rihanna can get away with not being held to wearing one designer exclusively on the most high profile occasions. Of course I love that the rule – or the breaking of it – only applies to her.

As for Marion, what this will hopefully mean for us is more variety, more edge, more of what we saw when she won her Oscar:

It was Jean Paul Gaultier. My GOD it was exquisite. Like one of the best ever.

PS. This month marks 10 years that Marion and Guillaume Canet have been together. She gave birth to their second child, a girl called Louise earlier this year. It’s also been exactly a year since everybody thought she had a thing going with Brad Pitt and that Louise is his secret child. If that really were the case (it’s not the case!) not only is Brad not seeing his own children as much as he would like, but his other child is being raised by another man?