The Blue Ivy Carter is a celebrity in her own right. She is a Grammy winner. She made history last year as the youngest artist ever to win an MTV VMA. And of course she is celebrity royalty – her mother is Beyoncé, the Queen of Culture. She is the Prince George of culture, the heir to the cultural throne. 


And here she is, appreciating culture, the culture of her time, arriving at the Olivia Rodrigo concert last night in LA with her friends. 

Blue Ivy Carter attends the Olivia Rodrigo concert in LA on May 25, 2022
Blue Ivy Carter attends the Olivia Rodrigo concert in LA on May 25, 2022

Her parents don’t appear to be with her although it’s possible that they made have entered the venue a different way, hard to say since Beyoncé’s movements are so hard to track. 


Blue is now ten years old. She's growing into her own life, she’s forming her own circle of trust, she’s building her own world, and even though that world is exclusive in a way that other ten year old kids will never understand, there is common ground. Music is always common ground. Kids, no matter what their background and who their parents are, will always find their idols. So, even though Blue is being raised by the two idols who created her, the idol she’s responding to right now is Olivia. 

It does help though, obviously, that the idols she shares a home with can help her out with getting tickets to the idol she wants to see in concert. Can you imagine that phone call or text? Oh hey, so Blue Ivy Carter wants a block of tickets to see Olivia. You don’t even need to make that a question – it’s a statement, period, because there is no way in any world where that request isn’t granted.