There have been a lot of celebrities in the audience the last few days at Beyoncé’s most recent tour stops. But one celebrity in particular was the story. Blue Ivy was the main event last Friday when she joined her mother on stage at her Paris show in a matching silver outfit, in formation with the rest of the dancers. 


And did you see exactly WHEN she made her entrance? 

“My bloodline…on the frontline!”


And there’s the Blue Ivy Carter, eleven years old, coming into her own super chill dance style, sharing the stadium stage with her mom, aka the icon Beyoncé. 


Une invitée spéciale au Stade de France ce soir Miss Blue Ivy. #BlueIvy #beyonce #RenaissanceWorldTour #stadedefrance #beyhivefrance #paris

♬ son original - BeyHive France

Last night in London, Blue was there again, this time in red, and also… she had notes. Beyoncé is known for the post-show notes, it’s well documented by now that she’s always looking for areas of improvement and is still tweaking the details hours after her performances. While Beyoncé is almost always the one giving notes, this time it seems like she was on the receiving end of a note from her daughter who may have pointed out to her that, well, she missed a move, ha! 


Look at the pride on Beyoncé’s face though. Out of all of Beyoncé’s many smiles, this one is the most beautiful. And it’s one of the few times Beyoncé ever puts herself in the background: 


By the way, Blue’s little sister, Rumi, was proud of her too: 


Rumi is now five years old. I wonder if, one day, it’ll be her, her brother, and Blue up there altogether on the frontline as the bloodline.

Last night was the first of five shows that Beyoncé has planned in London before she heads to more stops across Europe, wrapping up in Poland at the end of June. And then… it’s North America. Where Toronto is the first stop. I’ll be at the first show in Toronto, the first show of the North American leg. So excited I don’t know what to with myself between now and then.