I would like to appreciate Lizzo today. Because while there are certainly celebrities, many of them, who can’t stand the paparazzi, and they have valid reasons for it, there are other celebrities who aren’t bothered by the paps. And don’t bother pretending they don’t like the attention. Here’s Lizzo leaving a restaurant after dinner in LA last night. When she came out, she posed briefly for the photographers who were waiting outside. 


Lizzo is having a good time. She’s enjoying her success. She is claiming the spotlight. She has earned her spotlight. And, by the way, she must be sober by now but she still hasn’t deleted this yet, nor should she. The moments when you can look in the mirror and love what you see are the moments worth keeping. 


Lizzo elaborated on her thoughts on body positivity a couple of days ago. She was responding to a question on TikTok from someone who was being body-shamed. Lizzo talked about how the body positivity movement has been co-opted to the point where the people who really need the support are being left out of the conversation, telling her followers to “use the body positivity movement to empower yourself” but remind them to “protect and uplift the bodies it was created for and by”. 

“The people who created this movement — big women, big Brown and Black women, queer women — are not benefiting from the mainstream success of it. Our bodies are none of your f-cking business. Our health is none of your f-cking business. All we ask is that you keep that same energy with these medium girls that you praise.”

When Lizzo is getting papped then, when she’s stopping for photographers and not hiding herself, knowing that these photos will be made available the way people with other body types are made available, she understands that these visuals she’s providing are representing a less narrow perspective of who gets to be papped, who gets to be famous, and who gets the attention. 


In other Lizzo social media news, last week she was on IG live talking about BTS. Lizzo’s bias is Jimin, because who can resist Jimin? That said, she cannot get enough of V’s style. Which she proved by whipping out her phone and in time accessing shots of V and his various looks: 

The fact that she grabbed another phone for another shot of V says to me that Lizzo consumes a lot of BTS content on her downtime.