It’s rom-com weekend! So…if you’re going to see Crazy Rich Asians and you still need a rom-com fix afterwards, don’t forget, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, adapted from Jenny Han’s book, is now streaming on Netflix. I’m watching it tonight. I’ll probably have seen it three times by Monday. Send me your thoughts!

Did you see those photos of Sophie Turner crying with Joe Jonas yesterday? It wasn’t a relationship issue. She says it was a period issue. But… you know…it may not have been a “period” issue. This is on my mind because we did a segment on it on The Social yesterday so please indulge my public service announcement: cramps suck, for sure, and that’s normal, to have cramps that are bothersome and inconvenient. But they should not be debilitating. We have normalised it though. And in normalising it, many women out there may have been done a disservice because the pain, the excruciating pain, pain to the point of tears, pain to the point of not being able to go to school or work, has affected quality of living. That that kind of next level pain could be another issue, not a “period” but a disease: endometriosis. Yesterday was the first time I’ve heard it referred to that way – as a disease. And it affects 1 in 10 women in Canada. It needs to be treated. The earlier you treat it, the better chance you have of managing it because there’s no cure. But one of the obstacles is that, in normalising period pain, it’s taken some women nearly a decade to get properly diagnosed. I’m not saying that that’s what’s happening to Sophie. I’m just saying, in general, this is something to be aware of. (Dlisted) 

Fact: Zoe Kravitz is cool AF. Fact: we all agree on this. If you do not agree with this, well, to me that’s apocalyptic. Anyway, because she’s so goddamn cool, Zoe Kravitz has way better stories than you from her teen years about annoying adults who won’t let you live. In her case… it was Prince. PRINCE! I’m hanging on her every word. Jimmy Kimmel is hanging on her every word. Kimmel’s audience is hanging on her every word. And the way she tells this story, especially the parts about the dude who keeps calling her on the behalf of Prince, hilariously reminds me of how Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen used to play Beyoncé and Prince on Saturday Night Live. Remember Prince wouldn’t talk and Maya’s Beyoncé had to talk for him? Turns out that was actually pretty accurate. (Pajiba) 
Did you have hair when you were born? Or were you a bald baby? I came out with a head full of hair. I think it’s a family thing, because my cousin Cat was also born with hair. And her kids have some thick ass hair too. This celebrity, when she was a baby, had a lot of hair and not a lot of hair at the same time. (TMZ) 
Emma Thompson’s 2018 suit game is strong. Shoe game strong too. I’d also like to repeat myself here and say that I love her as a platinum blonde. And … man… is that what happens when you work with her? She’ll hug you from a squat position? I’m not a hugger but I would take that from Emma, no problem. (Go Fug Yourself) 
I’m not looking at the wig here. And I don’t give a sh-t about the car. It’s the shoes. I am so offended by these shoes. Where do you even find shoes like that? Because you know people are asking. That’s the worst part – people copy her style. These shoes are going to be everywhere. We’ll have to look at them in real life. I’m scared. (Cele|bitchy) 

I’m bookending this post with To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Jenny Han’s cameo in the movie is “maybe the cutest cameo …of all time”. I can’t wait! (Teen Vogue)