It’s Gwyneth Paltrow’s birthday today. Brad Falchuk, like he did last year, posted a birthday message for her on Instagram. It’s a pretty good social media birthday tribute. It is what Justin Timberlake has never been capable of. It is what he may not want to be capable of. In 130 words, Brad Falchuk uses the word “I” only once – and only a part of an adjective. He doesn’t say the word “me” once. Not once. 


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It’s a good birthday tribute, right? Brad Falchuk could totally be Gwyneth’s publicist. He’s really good at it. The part about the whiskey is a nice touch. The long legs part was a bit eyerolly but obviously he’s crushing hard on her and that’s the point here: her. Not him. You think Justin Timberlake takes notes? 

Anyway, Gwyneth was seen in New York at a lingerie shoppe this morning. According to PEOPLE, “the store boasts a huge selection of bridal lingerie and cute robes”. Page Six reported a few months ago that she’d be getting married in the Hamptons this month. I posted on Monday that I heard it’s going to be on Saturday. So…she’s now in New York…

Maybe it’s just a short trip? Maybe that’s all she’s there for? Maybe there were decoy and bait-and-switch save the date and invitations sent out…? Or maybe G is 48 hours from walking down the aisle for the first time. (There was no aisle-walking when she married Chris Martin.)