Two names you wouldn’t have predicted to be in a headline together, right? Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat were seen together at the “LA on Fire” art exhibit on Saturday showcasing the work of over 50 artists telling the story of how Los Angeles has burned through the years. Photos of them at Wilding Cran Gallery were posted on Instagram:


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A reader Irena sent me another IG link yesterday that has since been deactivated. It was taken by someone who’d spotted Brad and Alia together over their shoulder, one of those shots where you’re pretending to pose for a photo of yourself but what you’re really trying to get is what’s behind you. And what was behind the person was Brad and Alia at a small table, her back was to the camera, she’s wearing the same outfit you see above, and Brad was sitting across from Alia with his head down looking at his phone. There was no one else with them. And I’m sorry, I wish I’d thought to screencap it but I was frantically trying to finish up all my Prince Andrew posts yesterday but the point is, that picture of just the two of them would suggest that they didn’t just run into each other in the group with the artists, they went together. As friends who love art. As art lovers. In more ways than one? 

Back in September, Brad attended a performance of Ethan Cohen’s A Play Is A Poem in LA. Here they are leaving the event. At the time, the photo agency was not able to identify who was with him….

But now that I look closer, it seems to be Alia. According to paparazzi, they left together in the same car. 


So clearly Brad and Alia have been hanging out for at least a couple of months, possibly more. 

New couple alert? And if so, are you in? I think I’d be in. I LOVE Alia Shawkat. Alia Shawkat makes Brad Pitt way more interesting.