This was one of the major storylines heading into the Globes once the nominations were announced: Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt both single (put a pin in that) and back at the Globes. What does it mean? 

What it meant during the show was jacksh-t. There was no interaction, although the control room hoped for it, cutting away to Leonardo DiCaprio from a certain angle with Jen in the background when Brad made his dad joke about Leo during his speech. I would love to say that she had something we could run with in her eyes and in her expression but it would be a stretch. 

However, they did end up at two after-parties together. First it was Netflix, where according to E! sources they kept apart, Jen in a booth with Jason Bateman and Amanda Anka and Brad and Leo hanging with team Irishman. Later on though, they hit up the private CAA party at the Sunset Tower, one of Jen’s favourite spots. Supposedly they had a “brief interaction”, greeting each other warmly but not romantically, speaking quickly, before going their separate ways. Brad left shortly after and, no, there is zero indication that they still ended up together at her place...

Because… well… she spent the holidays in Mexico with someone else. Jen was seen last week in Tulum with Will Speck, who directed her in Office Christmas Party which kinda took the air out of the Jen and Brad reunion hopes. Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearney were also there. Coincidentally, though, Brad was also seen boarding a private jet in Puerto Vallarta so he was in Mexico too at some point during the holiday. If you’re a conspiracy theorist, you might want to go with the “Will Speck is a decoy” storyline? Random decoy, but OK, sure. Because Jen and Brad are the couple no one can seem to give up on. 

Can we talk about his acceptance speech? He’s been the Best Supporting Actor frontrunner since the summer and it looks like he’s the only sure thing in a tight Oscar race across other high profile categories. As noted, the Golden Globes are where you audition your acceptance speeches and, chances are, the Academy loved Brad’s. He expressed admiration for his peers, he shouted out Leo, he made that dad joke, he joked about bringing his mom but not wanting to start any rumours…

It was good enough. Good enough to not lose any ground in the race and cement his status as the lock of the category. But, remember, he’s not campaigning. Sure didn’t look like it when I saw him on the carpet stopping for several press interviews, including Billy Bush and Extra. Nope, Brad Pitt is not campaigning, like not at all. 

A note about Billy Bush though? My friend and colleague Liz Trinnear and Duana were waiting for the elevators after the carpet wrapped when Billy and his entourage came through. There was a long line for the elevators and when one arrived and “dinged”, he barreled into it, ignoring the fact that Liz was in his path, should have been Liz going in first – only he shoved her out of the way, like she was insignificant, what or who could possibly more important than him? Certainly not Liz. Nice guy.