There have been a lot of headlines today about Brad Pitt and Neri Oxman and whether or not they’ve been dating for 6 months. We covered this on Friday when I wrote about their possible timeline. According to PEOPLE and E! sources, Brad and Dr Oxman are “strictly friends”. Sure. It doesn’t change the mystery around how this story got out though. And why. Again, as I’ve mentioned, if a gossip column is looking to make-a-story about Brad Pitt’s dating life, they’re not sniffing around MIT, for f-ck’s sake. 

True or not, Brad’s come out of this looking pretty great – just the possibility that he could be dating a world-renowned, highly-respected creative scholar, who also happens to be gorgeous, is a good look. Just like it was and continues to be a good look for George Clooney. Which many of you have already noted. Just this afternoon E! News posted an article about whether or not “Brad Pitt (is) looking to follow George Clooney’s road to happiness”. Is Neri Oxman going to cover Vogue one day? I mean we’re getting ahead of ourselves. But, again, this is the narrative that’s shaping up around Brad right now and I’m not sure he minds all that much. Especially not when people are going online and seeing for themselves what Dr Oxman is like. Have you watched her TED Talk? If ever a celebrity could Gossip Genie for themselves, it would be Brad Gossip Genie-ing himself with Dr Oxman.