The Oscars are happening on February 9, 2020, about two weeks earlier than usual. This means that it’s a shorter award season and since the season is condensed, all contenders are stepping up their efforts – it’s going to be balls out from now until mid-December, when everyone goes on break for the holidays and prepare for the Golden Globes which are taking place right out of the gate on January 5. 

One of the expected heavyweight contenders across multiple categories, including Best Picture, is Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood. Last week, QT and Leonardo DiCaprio were at the Governors Awards, making sure to get in some facetime with Oscar voters. Leo didn’t walk the carpet but he was definitely a presence in the ballroom. You know he wants it when he puts on that tux and takes off his baseball cap. Interestingly, however, Brad Pitt skipped the Governors Awards – maybe because it’s pretty much a guarantee that he’ll be nominated for Best Supporting Actor. Will he win though? 

On Saturday there was a Q&A with the cast and QT in LA for select fans and guild members. Brad showed up for that. Apparently he flew in from Missouri after spending three days with his family. The Daily Mail has exclusive shots of Brad saying goodbye to his parents before boarding a private jet. Do paps regularly hang out in Missouri? 

Not that it means anything but the photo agency that took those shots is the same agency that was getting all those pictures of Brad a couple of years ago when he was hanging out at artist Thomas Houseago’s LA studio working on his sculptures. Must be just a coincidence.  

So from Missouri to Los Angeles and now France – Brad was seen arriving in Paris and then at Toulon-Hyeres airport yesterday, presumably heading to Miraval. It was reported that one of the reasons that he and Angelina have yet to finalise the divorce is because they can’t agree what to do with this asset. The details about what specifically they’re disagreeing about are private but the speculation is that Brad wants to keep it and Angelina’s not happy with how much he’s offering to buy her out. But again, since no one knows the actual fine points, it could be that Angelina wants to keep Miraval because it was her idea to acquire it in the first place. Or maybe they both want to keep it for their children and need to figure out how to divide the proceeds from the winery. Or…maybe they’re keeping it because they got married there and it might be the place that brings them back together? Highly unlikely. Impossible, in fact. 

More on Angelina in the next post.