The last time Brad Pitt was in New York promoting a film on Netflix, he wore baggy pants and everyone was all like, why are his pants so baggy grandpa?!? Last night, Brad walked the red carpet in support of Bong Joon-ho’s Okja and the pants were not baggy. The suit was well-tailored. He looks really good. He looks relaxed and comfortable. There were, by the way, no interviews. Photos only.

Brad and Dede Gardner produced Okja through Plan B. So I guess that’s why he was doing the weather bit on The Jim Jefferies Show the other day? Be visible for your projects, of course. But… um…. if you don’t tell me what the project is, save for some pictures at the premiere, and I don’t run a Tumblr account for your fans, how would I know that’s the one I should be supporting?

As I was writing this post, an email came in from a reader called A. A’s message:

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Agree or disagree?

I think I might agree. But I also wonder whether or not A, and people who agree with A, might find Brad interesting again when there’s another woman in his life. And that, to me, is an interesting conversation. It used to be that it was Brad Pitt who fame-elevated the women he was with: Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston. He and Angelina Jolie elevated each other. The ultimate blockbuster celebrity couple, no longer together. Do you find it ironic then that he might need a new romance to make him interesting considering that that used to be his superpower?