Brad Pitt was in Hollywood last night for the premiere of Ad Astra. As we’ve seen the last couple of weeks, he has been doing the most to promote this film. More press than he’s done in a long, long time. And all kinds of press, from multiple magazine interviews, to red carpet to interviews, and a junket. Seems like it was a pretty standard junket too. Any entertainment reporter will tell you, it’s pretty rare to find Brad Pitt this accessible. But he’s out here making sure we know about his film. And don’t confuse that with Oscar campaigning, OK? He’s not about that life

Conveniently for Brad, while he’s been on this press tour, he’s looked better than he has in years. Like really, really f-cking good. I thought he looked good during promotion a couple of months ago for Once Upon a Time …in Hollywood. Clearly he was still peaking. Because on this red carpet, with his hair the perfect length, wearing the sh-t out of this black suit over a black shirt, as he usually wears the sh-t out of all his clothes, Brad Pitt is, at 55 years old, Hollywood’s most timeless actor without you having to trick yourself. 

What I mean by that is – let’s use Leonardo DiCaprio as an example. What I’ve always said, and many times on this site, about Leo is that when you look at him now, you’re seeing him through memory. His present is helped by his past. Your eyes are layered with Romeo + Juliet, Titanic, The Departed. They’re like filters over his 2019 face. It’s contouring. It’s Photoshop. It’s face-tuning, only performed by your mind to con your vision. If people hadn’t known Leo in 1999, there is no way they’d react to him in 2019 the same way. 

With Brad Pitt though, yeah, he was hot in 1999 but your brain doesn’t have to f-ck with you through memory. Even if there was no Thelma & Louise or Fight Club or Oceans Eleven, even if you just saw him for the first time on this red carpet here in 2019, you’d be like, f-ck that guy is hot. That guy is a Movie Star. That guy has It. 

Interestingly though, it wasn’t looking this way just a few years ago. There was something happening in his face a few years ago. 


Maybe he stopped whatever he was doing. Or maybe he figured out the right amount of units and when to have them applied so that they’d settle at the perfect time? 

Tell us your beauty secrets, Brad Pitt. I wish someone would have thought to ask him during this press tour. 

Ad Astra comes out tomorrow, September 20. September 20, a day I will never forget. September 20, 2016, around 1030am ET, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced their separation, kicking off World War Brange. I wonder if he knows it’s tomorrow, if he saw the studio’s finalised release date a few months ago and it crossed his mind.