Remember Brad Pitt’s Make Brad Pitt Great Again interview with GQ Style? He namechecked Frank Ocean. And now he’s emoting for Frank Ocean. Live. I’ll say this: Brad Pitt performance art > James Franco performance art. The way I see it, Brad gossip performance art represents not only his story but he could also be playing Jay Z calling Beyoncé on tour and asking for forgiveness. (Dlisted)

Have you ever spent a night out with friends and you all go get manicures and pedicures? And you might bring a few bottles of wine and some snacks? This is becoming a trend for men – only they’re not getting their nails done, they’re getting their sex organs done. (Jezebel)

There’s a fringe segment of One Direction fans who really want Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson to be gay for each other. Even though “Larry Stylinson” is about as real as Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson being secretly married and the parents of two secret children, these people hold on to this conspiracy like it’s gospel. Ironically their insistence may have actually driven their idols apart. (Just Jared)

This week in Politics is Celebrity: the value of makeup and makeup artists. Which I take very seriously as a talk show host. And this is essentially how this dude sees his job – he’s a television personality, usually on daytime TV, sometimes making evening appearances. As for the other, and theoretically primary part of his job, which is to determine executive communication strategies, it’s still not clear how mineral foundation or powder will help with that. (Cele|bitchy)

I too am perplexed by this shirt on Emily Ratajkowski because it’s trying to be so many things at the same time: a boho blouse, a handkerchief, a purse, and swimwear. Two out of four would have been enough. But fashion can be greedy sometimes. And, as a result, it’s taken away from these amazing white booties. The outfit should have been planned around the booties. (Go Fug Yourself)

Why Jay Z is compared to Tony Soprano. And when Beyoncé is credited for his critically acclaimed new album. This is a gorgeously written piece on how Jay Z is growing up. And what an old – older? – Jay Z is contributing to hip-hop and to the legacy, both his own and his community’s. (NYT)