Damien Chazelle’s Babylon is due for release Christmas 2022, for sure a project with award aspirations, not only because of Damien’s track record and the cast which includes Margot Robbie, Jean Smart, Olivia Wilde, Tobey Maguire (his first onscreen role in years), and Brad Pitt, and more, but because Hollywood loves a movie about Hollywood. And this is a film about the golden age of Hollywood, during the transition from silent films to talkies. It’s the kind of story the Academy jerks off to. 


The characters are a blend of real and fictional characters. Margot, taking over from Emma Stone who dropped out of the project for scheduling reasons (which we now presume to be pregnancy), is playing Clara Bow. Brad Pitt’s character is said to be based on John Gilbert, a silent film star whose career declined when talkies started taking over. 

So Brad Pitt will be in classic movie star mode – and you can see it in his costume here in these new photos of him leaving set. His hair is shorter now, cut clean, and dark. He’s in suspenders, his bow tie loosened, but it’s clear that his scene involved him dressed in black tie which of course will play to his looks. This is Brad Pitt in Gatsby fashion, and they’ll light the sh-t out of him to accentuate his character’s status as a big time star during the silent era. Which means the Brad Pitt thirst will be coming out hard when this movie is released. 


In other Brad news…

It’s an anniversary!

Exactly a year ago, Brad was seen with Nicole Poturalski in France, heading to Chateau Miraval. It’s a double anniversary of sorts because Mr Sensitivity took his new model girlfriend to Miraval on the week when he would have been marking his wedding anniversary with Angelina Jolie to the place where they got married, and where they spent their twins’ first weeks after they were born. 

Shortly after that sighting though, it emerged that Nicole, then 27, was rumoured to be in an open marriage with then-68-year-old millionaire, Roland Mary, with whom she had a child. Brad and Nicole may or may not have met at Roland’s restaurant in Berlin when he was promoting Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood. Which started an uncomfortable sidebar conversation about wealthy older men and their secret networks. 


By October, though, Brad wanted us to know that he and Nicole were over. It wasn’t a good look for his base, the MiniVan Majority. And we haven’t talked about Nicole ever since. You think he’s still being introduced to models by his friends and is just more careful now? Or has he really been single all this time?