Johnny Depp wasn’t the only tarnished movie star at Glastonbury this weekend. Brad Pitt was there too, ostensibly to promote Okja and to hear Jeremy Corbyn speak, because he’s very serious and informed but also… to meet up with Sienna Miller?

Back in April, during promotion for The Lost City Of Z, which he produced, Brad and Sienna were reportedly “heavily enjoying each other’s company” after the premiere in LA. Sienna tried to shut down the rumours but, well, they were just at Glastonbury together. Like together-together, according to The Sun

The pair were seen holding hands and stroking each other during a late night party session on Worthy Farm over the weekend. The A-listers met up at 3am on Saturday morning in the festival’s exclusive Rabbit Hole area before retiring to their VIP Winnebago.

A source revealed: “Brad and Sienna couldn’t keep their hands off each other, touching and stroking each other at every opportunity. They seemed really intimate.

“Brad had been keeping a relatively low profile at the festival, but emerged with the masses at 3am to link up with Sienna after she’d spent the night partying with their mutual pal Bradley Cooper and Noel Gallagher in the VIP Park backstage bar.

“They seemed keen to get away from prying eyes and made a dash for the Rabbit Hole, the festival’s underground and exclusive venue, with a group of friends and were inseparable as they waited to go inside.

“The party was cut short and they had to leave after five minutes because the venue was closing. Bradley Cooper left and Brad and Sienna headed back arm in arm to their private Winnebago.”

As I’ve said before, Sienna Miller is totally Brad Pitt’s type both in body and personality. A free spirit to make him feel young(er) and desired, his version of Manic Pixie Dream Girl to make him believe he can still kick it. But also a mother, so that, later, if they get that far, when they start making sense of why they’re together, they can talk about how they bonded over their kids.

We are getting ahead of ourselves now though. Right now, whatever’s happening in that Winnebago has nothing to do with talking. Which probably won’t re-endear Brad to the LA Moms Power Posse, his supposed platonic reconnection with Jennifer Aniston notwithstanding. They may have been able to forgive him if Jen did. But hooking up with Sienna Miller would be seen as another violation. Sienna Miller will never be invited to those parties, not as long as Rosetta Getty is a member.