Samantha Markle started a rumour that her dad, Thomas Markle, Royal Meghan’s famewhore of a father, will be starting a clothing line. TMZ, the Thomas Markle Zone, has shut that down. Their “source” says it’s not true. Why even bother calling it a “source”? Thomas Markle obviously told them that he’s not doing clothing. The better question, though, is – why isn’t Thomas Markle publicly scolding his other day the way he’s been embarrassing his duchess daughter?!? (Dlisted) 

TMZ is the Thomas Markle Zone, but also The Man Zone. And it’s been man zoning for Brad Pitt. This time, Brad wants you to know, via TMZ, that his kids aren’t connecting with him …and that’s because Angelina Jolie has been negatively influencing them. He also thinks it’s “disgusting” the way she’s been putting their sh-t out for public consumption, something that he, ahem, would never, ever do. (Cele|bitchy)

Two points here: this is not a bad outfit on Salma Hayek. It’s not the most amazing outfit. It’s not a particularly special outfit. In fact, it’s rather unremarkable. Which brings me to my second point: are the paparazzi suddenly the Fashion Police? Because in what world is this outfit anywhere close to being “crazy”? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Ben Affleck’s birthday was yesterday. So let’s talk about his acting. Is he an underrated actor? I would say he’s a better director than he is an actor. But in the right role, he definitely doesn’t suck. I mean, he’s not Justin Timberlake. OMG remember when he was in a movie with Justin Timberlake? It was called Runner Runner. Nobody understands why he did it. He looked embarrassed in every scene. For himself? Or for what he had to work with? Which is Justin Timberlake, a terrible, terrible actor. Justin Timberlake makes Mark Wahlberg look like a good actor. (Pajiba) 

Are you a car person? I am not a car person. I am a shoe person. All I need from a car is that it works, is safe, and is a manual transmission. There are a lot of car people out there though. And if that’s you, what do you think of this car? This concept car. Apparently this Ferrari concept car is giving people erections. I think it’s ugly and I would never drive it. I am already short enough. How would I be able to see anything?! (TMZ) 

Based on my answers, Buzzfeed was not able to guess which sport I play. To be fair to Buzzfeed, I didn’t know half of what I was picking. Never heard of most of those YouTube stars, for example. I was looking for golf and tennis, which are the two sports I play most, and somehow I ended up with volleyball, which I haven’t played since high school. What went wrong? (Buzzfeed)