Here’s the latest chapter in the mess between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp – and it’s her side of the story in response to the lawsuit he’s filed against her, calling her liar. Of course no one is covering this better than Michael K who finds a way to compare Johnny Depp to a gremlin LOLOLOLOLOL. (Dlisted) 

Brad Pitt’s Meet Joe Black is going viral – because it’s a terribly amazing movie. It’s so terrible it’s amazing. He looked beautiful in the movie (as styled for the era) but his acting, MY GOD, was appalling. DO YOU REMEMBER THAT ACCENT IN THE HOSPITAL?! That said… you know what he did well in Meet Joe Black? Sex. He gave us in that movie what they wouldn’t let us see from Jamie Dornan in all those Fifty Shades movies: orgasm face. Brad Pitt’s orgasm face which I’ve attached to this post. Here – I’ll even give you the whole scene. (Pajiba)  


TMZ is hyping Justin Bieber’s collaboration with Lil Dicky, dropping next week. As we all know, TMZ has historically had a strong relationship with Team Bieber so when they say that the video for the song is going to be “one of the best productions they’ve ever seen”… do you believe it? Is it better than a BTS production? Is it better than a BLACKPINK production? Because that’s the standard now. (TMZ)

For a while there, I thought Diane Kruger was losing her style game – and don’t yell at me, this was way before she got pregnant. It seems to be coming back. This is a solid outfit but I wish she chose more interesting footwear. (Go Fug Yourself) 

According to the Sun, Angelina Jolie wants to get back together with Brad Pitt. The Sun was also the outlet that reported that Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron were all over each other at the Chateau Marmont during award season two weeks after it happened without any other LA-based American outlets picking it up. So… their Brange track record isn’t exactly strong. (Cele|bitchy) 

So… basically what Coachella is saying is that Beyoncé changed Coachella forever? But we knew this didn’t we? That’s why it’s called Beychella. And they’d probably make that the official name, if they could afford it. She wouldn’t give that to them for free. (LA Times)