Brad Pitt is on the cover of the new issue of Us Weekly and it’s all about his relationship with Neri Oxman. As you know, Page Six broke the news that they’ve been hanging out last Thursday, giving the magazines more than enough time to include the story in their next issues. Us is now owned by American Media Inc, the company that also publishes the National Enquirer and Star. Which means that their accuracy these days is not what it used to be. 

But they’re going further with their reporting than anyone else has so far, with sources saying that Brad is “smitten” with Dr Oxman and that he’s been spending time in Cambridge, Massachusetts at her apartment, that supposedly he’s been seen coming and going from there because he has a key and that they even went on a trip together to South Africa in February. 

According to Gossip Cop all that is bullsh-t because they asked Brad’s rep and this was the response:

In fact, Pitt’s rep praised Page Six, which broke the news last week, for accurately describing the nature of Pitt and Oxman’s friendship. That original article, we’re told, got it right when it stated, “Their friendship has not turned into romance.” And while it’s true Pitt is intrigued by the scholar, as the initial report made clear, the spokesperson tells Gossip Cop that all of these secret relationship claims from the magazine’s untraceable and unidentifiable sources are an “exaggeration.”

An exaggeration. 

Interesting choice of words. 

A fabrication is something that isn’t true, that doesn’t exist. An exaggeration, on the other hand, is an overstatement of something that exists. It’s not like Hollywood publicists don’t know the difference between a “fabrication” and an “exaggeration”. The choice, then, to use the word “exaggeration” in an official on-the-record comment in response to rumours is…well… 

Curious, non? 

That doesn’t read to me like an outright denial. That reads to me like what I’ve been calling it all along. For months. A slow rollout.  

Here’s Brad yesterday at the Dodgers game. Dr Oxman was not seen with him. Nice of him to step out and give us new pictures even though he’s been such a heatscore lately. As I reported yesterday, Angelina Jolie and their kids are now in London with her as she works on Maleficent 2. This whole thing with Dr Oxman is also a nice distraction from the fact that Angelina continues to have custody of the kids and it’s been over a year and a half since World War Brange.