Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk were already making headlines on the weekend because she posted photos of herself on holiday and in stories she included a shot of Bradley Cooper who was also shirtless.

Bradley Cooper on Irina Shayk's Instagram story

Did Irina make a point there to credit the photographer, “LB”, so that we wouldn’t think that it was Bradley who was shooting her topless even though they’re obviously on a trip together? 


That trip has now taken them to Venice where they were photographed arriving, with their daughter Lea De Seine, ahead of the Venice Film Festival. As you can see from the pictures, BCoop and Irina look close. And they’ve always been close, which is why every few months or so there’s speculation about whether or not they’re back together. These last few months, however, Irina’s been spending time with Tom Brady. Is Tom still in the picture? 

The thing about being in the picture is that, well, Bradley will always be in the picture, they share a child. Spending a couple of weeks in Europe together with their child doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re a couple again. And it also kinda helps with Bradley’s work right now.

Because Maestro is screening at the Venice Film Festival. According to festival director Alberto Barbera, Bradley “desperately wanted the film to be in Venice, that it was his dream come true”. Alberto however also confirmed that Bradley “definitely won’t be in Venice [because] he doesn’t want to come against the strike”. 

So what’s he doing in Venice, LOL? 

It’s a family holiday with Irina and Lea! 


According to Page Six, “Cooper was in Venice to check the vision and sound of his new film”. This made me laugh, because although technically he’s well within his rights to do that as a filmmaker, and since it’s the first time an audience will watch his latest labour of love… as IF Bradley Cooper needs to be there, at a FILM FESTIVAL, where their whole sh-t is to screen films, to tell the lighting and audio directors how to do their jobs, LOL forever.

But I get it. I get it when you’re an artist and you’ve worked so hard on something and you’re so proud and excited and you can’t be there for its premiere… for sure, it would suck. This is Bradley’s way of getting close enough but not too close. After all, it was convenient for him to pop in, you know? He was on a family holiday!