So Andy Cohen claims he was “bored” and Anderson Cooper is apparently “mad” because we’ve all looked at two photos of him shirtless. So now I wonder if Sasha will post a really well-lit shot of me when she’s “bored” and I look forward to being “mad” at her for it. (Dlisted) 


Bradley Cooper is shooting a movie with Paul Thomas Anderson and it’s set in the 70s so this costume tracks but, at the same time, it’s also is very much keeping with the Jackson Maine vibe, non? Not to bring everything back to BTS but…yeah… I think I will. V could make this look work, no problem. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Princess Serene Charlene of Monaco has a new hairstyle and… I’m not mad at it. I think I like it. Not forever but bangs would be a fun look to rock for a couple of months – although I always have bang jealously because I can’t wear them due to superstition and I think my head is weirdly too small for my body and it would just make me look weirder. (Cele|bitchy)

When you think of Clueless, what outfit comes to mind? The yellow plaid is probably near the top or at the top of the list, right? Fifty years from now we’ll still be into it. And Alicia Silverstone remembers how it all came together. Back in the day, my uniform was a white bodysuit under a red vest with a skirt, Cher styles. God I miss 90s fashion. (OMG Blog) 

Are you a fan of the summer camp movie? It’s a whole genre that celebrates a certain slice of adolescent fantasy. I watch summer camp movies and I do enjoy them, but not out of nostalgia because I never went to camp and I’m not traumatised by not going to camp. Some people can’t cut camp. That’s me. I need to be at home, or alone. Or at a hotel. Are hotel movies going to be obsolete too? (The Ringer)