Bradley Cooper was at the BottleRock Food and Music Festival in Napa this weekend, technically for work. Coop is opening a cheesesteak joint in New York (we saw him doing the food truck thing a few months ago) and he was at the festival in his role as a culinary entrepreneur. 


At one point he and Steph Curry were lobbing cheesesteaks from the stage to the people in the audience. 

Very curious about the quality of Bradley Cooper’s cheesesteaks. If you’re in NYC and you’ve tried it, please let me know. 


In addition to food promo, Coop also did some singing. He joined Eddie Vedder on stage during Pearl Jam’s set to perform “Maybe It’s Time” from A Star is Born. Fans of ASIB probably understand the significance of this moment: 

Someone please check on Hunter Harris. Is she OK? Hunter’s obsession with Bradley/Jackson during the ASIB run was my favourite thing about ASIB. If you have time on this light Memorial Day, re-read some of her work from that time, like this piece about how many times Jackson says “f-ck” in the movie or this one about why he looks so hot, LOL. 


I’m sure, in addition to Hunter, watching Bradley sing with Eddie was very hot for Gigi Hadid. They were seen dancing together during Stevie Nicks’s performance of “Dreams”:

That’s sexy, non? They way she brings his hand up like that? These two are about to spend their first summer together. I wonder how long before they make it official on a red carpet. Them first or TNT?