The full trailer for Maestro is here, showing off Bradley Cooper’s passion project about composer Leonard Bernstein. Casting misgivings aside, this movie does look really good, and I am so curious to see it because reviews from fall festivals have been strong, but a couple people whose taste I trust absolutely hated it. That means there’s something to react to here, it’s not just a glossy biopic meant to garner nominations. Interesting!


But there will be nominations, that’s for sure. Probably a lot of them. And while I am looking forward to seeing Maestro for the sake of the film itself, I won’t lie, I am also looking forward to an awards season that pits hungry Bradley Cooper against other maestros like Christopher Nolan and Martin Scorsese. (So far, no one seems to think Greta Gerwig has a real shot at winning for Barbie, but don’t underestimate the feel-good movie that made everyone laugh, especially in a year with so much drama and uncertainty. This is the lesson of Shakespeare In Love! Feel good movies win Oscars even against more “important” movies because people LIKE things that make them feel good!)


Given the state of the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike (“cautious optimism”), Coop might not be able to promote his movie for a while yet. He could do the rounds as a director, but he has (mostly) observed the picket line in solidarity with his fellow actors. But nothing is stopping Nolan, Scorsese, or Gerwig from getting out there, which means whenever the strike does end, Coop will have some catching up to do. He’s still waiting for his turn to join awards season full tilt. He’s going to be SO thirsty when he does. I can’t wait. 

Here’s Coop out in New York today and yesterday. New photos just in time for his new trailer. Hmm.