To get out and vote. Bradley Cooper did a voting PSA for his home state of Pennsylvania, explaining the steps and process of how to vote in Pennsylvania. It’s no Certified Young Person™️ Paul Rudd exhorting people to wear masks, but it’s a solid “how to” PSA and I’m sure BCoop’s little Superman curl is working for some people. I would like to know how this video PSA is reaching people besides via the internet, though, because lack of accessible internet is a real problem in rural communities, and 27% of Pennsylvania’s population lives in a rural county. That does not mean everyone in rural PA is without internet and won’t see this PSA, but I’ve been thinking a lot about low-income and rural access to the internet and what impact that might have on various situations in America right now, from the pandemic to spreading conspiracy theories to boosting candidate platforms. Joe Biden is running radio ads focused specifically on rural America for this reason.


For my fellow Americans who read LaineyGossip, please have a voting plan in place for November 3. I feel like election day is going to be total chaos because it’s 2020 and what hasn’t been total chaos? Based on the emails I get, I know not all of you agree with me on certain socio-political issues, but the most important thing on election day is to vote, and to do it safely amidst the pandemic. You can confirm your voter registration status at USA.Gov if you haven’t already. You can also find your local election office for rules and regulations specific to your area, and find general information on absentee voting and find your local polling place if you intend to vote in person or drop a ballot off in a ballot box. Take care of yourselves, be safe, and VOTE.