Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut, A Star Is Born, was originally scheduled for September 28, 2018. Fall film releases are typically considered to be more “serious”. And some thought that it could make the rounds during festival season, perhaps in position for an awards run.

It was announced a couple of days ago though that Warner Bros has moved up the date – instead of September, A Star Is Born will come out May 18, 2018. Which… is interesting because now I’m wondering if it’s being timed for Cannes. And if that’s the case, it would totally make sense for both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. A big splashy premiere with Gaga on the Croisette? Maybe accompanied by a concert, or something? And Bradley’s always been well-received in France, given that he’s spent so much time there, is fluent in French, regularly gives interviews in French, and even named his daughter after the Seine. Looking at it that way, I wonder if he actually prefers Cannes and a May release. It can be difficult though for films that premiere in Cannes to sustain momentum all the way through the fall and into the awards schedule. But it’s not impossible, especially if there’s a box office behind it. That said, this is Bradley’s first time as a director. There’s going to be a lot of attention paid to whether or not he has what it takes. And I wonder too if they’re hoping that a French audience might be kinder.

Here’s Bradley with Irina Shayk this weekend in Malibu. Over the last year, especially while focusing on his film, Bradley’s kept a very low profile. I’m curious about how the pressure of directing for the first time, in combination with an actor’s natural narcissism and insecurity, is affecting his personal life. After all, this is perhaps his biggest career challenge to date. And no, this doesn’t mean I’ve heard anything. It’s simply an observation. We are all familiar with stories about “artistic obsession” and Bradley Cooper strikes me as 100% the type. These are not people who are easy to live with.