Multi-hyphenate superstar and Grammy Award-winning icon Brandy Norwood is extending her presence to the world of A24-branded independent cinema. Brandy will star in The Front Room, a “psychological horror” film from Max and Sam Eggers, the younger brothers of filmmaker Robert Eggers of The Northman and The Lighthouse and The Witch fame. The film comes from A24, the home of so-called elevated horror (aka, horror movies for people who don’t actually like horror movies). The Front Room is about a couple expecting a child who have to take in an estranged stepmother. I can only assume creepy and/or unnerving things will then unfold, especially as the film co-stars Kathryn Hunter, a legendary stage actor best known in cinema for playing creepy and/or unnerving characters like Harry Potter’s Arabella Figg and the Weird Sisters in Joel Coen’s Tragedy of Macbeth


Jokes about elevated horror and what a reductive moniker that is aside, this is yet more proof that there is no boundary Brandy cannot cross, no art form she cannot master, no role she cannot play. The once and future Cinderella can do it all. Like when I was growing up, Brandy was a chart-topping R&B/pop cross-over star with her own TV show, who then played Cinderella and defined that role for an entire generation. (You can stream Brandy’s Cinderella on Disney+, it also stars Whoopi Goldberg and Whitney Houston, it is truly Iconique.) Those of us who grew up with Brandy know how versatile she is, but I feel like the youths don’t realize her range, which has yet to meet a limit. An A24 joint is a great way to introduce a whole new generation to Brandy’s true mastery.