This is the kind of headline that is an instant click for me: woman finds out her ex-husband cheated by reading his NYT wedding writeup. CLICK! That’s exactly what happened. She never knew why her ex left the marriage. And now she does. My favourite part: she and her friends fact-checked the New York Times. (Cele|bitchy) 


Brandy Verzuz Monica got off to a kind of slow start… but midway through, we were living. I have never been so happy to feel awkward. It was exactly the throwback we needed: good music, weird chaotic moments, and a million interpretations. And it set a record. Because this is the content we all needed! (Dlisted) 

Is this the perfect hat for summer 2020? It’s hilarious, and I love it wacky-ness, and I’m not here to spoil a party, but I have some questions. Like… it doesn’t look very soft. Does it itch your face? I get face-itchy quite easily and I hive easily too. Sometimes it’s mental. Sometimes I’ll just look at a sweater and get a hive on my cheek, without having to touch it. But that’s my point with this hat. I want to scratch my nose just looking at it. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I haven’t checked in too often on Conan O’Brien these last few months. Sorry. Blame BTS. It is another job trying to keep up with their stupid content schedule. Also I can’t stop watching East Asian dramas on Netflix. So anyway, I was surprised to see his hair like this…long-ish and floppy. Do you like? I think I do like. He could be in a boy band. Has he done a boy band bit yet? (Pajiba) 

This is the best thing I’ve seen online today: you have to be special to cover a Beyoncé song, and Chico is very, very special. And very, very on-key! Just keep hitting replay on this and feel your mood shift. (Buzzfeed)