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Yesterday I posted about the possible adjectives the Queen might use to describe Meghan Markle when she issues her super fancy consent scroll about Harry and Meghan’s marriage – if, that is, Her Majesty will be choosing different adjectives for Meghan than the ones she used for Kate Middleton: “trusty” and “well-beloved”, like an old shoe again, which I am STILL laughing about. I am also laughing at some of your suggestions. Here they are, and this almost feels like Duana’s Name Nerd column: 

Given the Queen’s fondness for horses, Mary thinks Meghan’s adjectives might be “horsey” so, like, “spirited” and “refreshing”. As Kathleen would say, “dead”. 


Julie-Anne came through with a whole list that reads like a job application: 

I don’t know about “approachable”. You don’t want the monarch to be telling people that they’re free to roll up at any time on a member of her family with their arms open, looking to be hugged. That may be my own bias though. I am not a hugger. Meghan, however, is a hugger. So, point taken, Julie-Anne. 

Leslie’s recommendations are “forthright” and “endearing”. Forthright is GOOD. It’s exactly the kind of word I can picture Her Majesty embracing. That might be my winner so far. Endearing, on the other hand, feels a little… patronising? Like calling someone “sweetie”. It makes me crazy when someone calls me “sweetie”, especially someone 20 years younger than I am in a retail store. This happens maddeningly often. 

So. Forthright. Are you down with forthright? I wish Tommy Lascelles was around to weigh in on this. Tommy probably had a LOT of opinions about adjectives. 

More on Meghan Markle and the Queen later this morning. 

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