Jessica Chastain is finally an Oscar winner – and this is the dress for the occasion. As I always say, an Oscar look is a forever look. A nominee who probably won’t win actually has more opportunity to have some fun with their look than someone who’s expected to take it. Because those are the pictures that will run forever with you and your trophy. Which means it’s probably best to wear something that holds up in 25 years, 50 years, you get the idea. 


By those standards, Jessica’s choice is a good one. This is Gucci, golden on top, a timeless silhouette, it’s both interesting and glamorous, and – bonus! – it’s so Tammy Faye! When a dress checks all those boxes, it’s worthy in perpetuity. 

As we’ve been saying all along, the Best Actress category looked to be the tightest of all the acting races to the end. Yes, in winning the SAG and Critics Choice, Jessica seemed to have a slight edge. But then again, the nominations were all over the place this year and every single one of these nominees has support within the Academy. Jessica’s lead was far from comfortable – and people kept talking about Penelope Cruz as a dark horse candidate. So the suspense was definitely there…although, you know, in any other given year, this would have been more celebrated and, well, after these Oscars, most people are just talking about one thing. There is no part of the Oscars that is untouched by the biggest headline coming out of the Oscars. 


To go back to Penelope, this is Chanel, and in my opinion it’s her best Chanel. Because I’ve mentioned multiple times, Penelope + Chanel mostly doesn’t work for me; almost every previous example doesn’t seem like a good fit between brand and ambassador, until now. The halter, cinched waist, and full skirt look great on her. I’m not sure if it’s super signature Chanel in that you see it and you KNOW it’s a Chanel, but maybe that’s why it works…because it’s just a off-center of what you expect from Chanel and that’s why it ended up being a good marriage. 

As for Nicole Kidman, I mean this is a very Nicole Kidman look. Armani Privé, we’ve seen her in ice blue before and, frankly, we’ve seen her in a peplum. That’s probably why I’m not all that excited about it. It’s not that she isn’t wearing it well, because she is, but it also feels like it’s something she’s worn before, there’s no freshness to it for me. And where Nicole Kidman is concerned, she’s set the bar so high, and she’s served so many memorable outfits over the years, I don’t know that this one belongs on her all-time list.