Brian Austin Green and Vanessa Marcil (Prom Queen Carla from The Rock) are slinging Insta sh-t at each other over their 20-year-old son and what the custody arrangements were when that mattered. Some people will undoubtedly take his side (himpathy at work), but his split with Megan Fox was messy, too. I’m just saying. (DListed)


Netflix released first-look stills from The Crown season five. If I knew King Charles, I would text him this link with the “you in danger, girl” GIF from Ghost. (Popsugar)

Danielle Brooks wore a SECRET HANDS dress to the Broadway opening of Samuel L. Jackson's new play, August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson. I do not know why designers use this fabric that insists on pulling across the hips, it flatters no one. (Go Fug Yourself

Elon Musk is being investigated by the federal government over his behavior” relating to his acquisition of Twitter. The deal is expected to close by the end of the year, but I don’t understand how if 1) it doesn’t seem like Musk actually has the money, and 2) he’s being investigated for his shadiness. It really seems like the Twitter execs just want to get their money and run before Musk’s whole house of cards comes crashing down. You know, for some of us, Twitter is a big part of our businesses and professional lives, and whatever is happening here, it seems like those of us who rely on Twitter as a professional tool are probably going to end up holding the bag. (Celebitchy)


Laura Bogart wrote a heartfelt response to Lena Dunham’s rather asinine essay about Marilyn Monroe and infertility and herself (of course). Rather than reducing Marilyn, and any person who can’t or doesn’t have children, to the “tragic barren woman” trope like Dunham does, Bogart wrestles with the loss of possibility while still recognizing herself as a whole person, and her life full and worthwhile without children of her own. The richness and reflection of Bogart’s writing speaks for itself, and ends up being a kinder rumination on Marilyn Monroe, too. (Salon)